The application process is designed to be accessible for everyone, regardless of whether someone has any experience with coding. We carefully assess an applicant’s ability and motivation to learn to determine if they have it in them to become great programmers.

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The test

The first step in the Codam journey is creating an account and completing the online test. It's impossible to take the test on a mobile device because it will only works on a laptop or desktop computer.

The online test consists of 2 games where applicants must work their way through multiple levels. It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete both tests and you cannot pause at any time, so make sure you've scheduled enough time before starting. Create an account to find a more detailed explanation of the first level, or start your test right away!

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The check-in

After passing the test, you will be invited to join a check-in event.

During the check-in, Codam will give a presentation about the educational model and its curriculum. The event is intended for anyone interested in knowing more about the educational model. Codam staff and students alike will be present at the event to answer questions.

After the presentation, students from Codam will lead a tour through the building and, at the end of the check-in, applicants can choose a starting date for their 4-week Selection Piscine.

The Selection Piscine

The last step in the application process is the Selection Piscine. The word Piscine means “swimming pool” in French. The idea is that everyone learns how to swim by immediately jumping into the water; we are applying the same theory to programming. During the Selection Piscine, ‘Pisciners’ (candidates, you!) will dive into the world of coding. By working through challenging projects and solving daily assignments alongside your peers, you are given the opportunity to figure out if Codam’s peer-to-peer learning method suits you.

The Selection Piscines take place every summer. It is an immersive program with the mission to bring you, together with over a hundred other candidates to Codam to spend four weeks, seven days a week, day and night (including weekends) coding your heart out.

After the selection month, Codam carefully evaluates each candidate to determine if they are a good match for the Codam curriculum. There is no way to prepare for a Piscine. We only recommended that you get plenty of rest beforehand and be ready to interact and learn a lot!

Cooperation and enthusiasm are two of the critical factors that will help you make it through the Selection Piscine. It is crucial to know that the Piscine is by no means a competition. There is no set number of places available at Codam up for grabs.

Already excited? Watch the Let's Dive in video to see how Codam students have experienced their Selection Piscine.

What do Pisciners say about the Selection Piscine?

“The Selection Piscine experience is valuable to all who attend. Whether I make the selection or not, it has been an unforgettable experience. I bonded over learning all these new things in such a short amount of time and got to know something about myself I did not know.“


“The Selection Piscine is a challenge. You will code every day for four weeks straight. It's meant to be a deep dive, providing an in-depth, full immersion experience where you challenge yourself and find out if you enjoy coding.“


“Before the Selection Piscine, I had absolutely no experience with coding. The Selection month is built for candidates to be able to start from scratch and you will be surprised to see what you can learn and achieve in a month. You will learn programming in C, building the foundations that can be used for any coding language!“




Don’t miss the Selection Piscines! Mark these dates in your calendar and start your application process as soon as possible.

First day Last day Availability

10th Jan, 2022

4th Feb, 2022

Spots available

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30th May, 2022

24th June, 2022

Spots available

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4th of July, 2022

29th July, 2022

Spots available

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8th of August 2022

2nd of Sep, 2022

Spots available

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